Munnar – Heaven’s Own Getaway!

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Munnar – An alluring small town amidst a hill station in Idduki district on the Western Ghats. This place dilates the beautiful lush green hill station and is delightfully carpeted with tea and spice plantations which contribute to the scenic view around. With plenty of natural and man-made attractions in Munnar, some find the place a secret hideaway for a romantic stay, some term it as nature’s paradise while for other it is an adventure gateway. Tourist places to visit in Munnar bear a perfect harmony between nature and mankind. Munnar is situated at a height of around 1600 meters above sea level as a result of which it is one of the most preferred destinations in India at any given time for holidays or honeymoons.

This exquisite place is a complete confluence of wilderness, history and culture. Itʼs the perfect place for those who love to watch wildlife in a non invasive manner, this is also a paradise for bird watching. Boating on Mattupetty Lake you can witness a herd of elephants and other big mammals like bison and deer in their natural habitat.


Munnar is a hill station that experiences salubrious climate and does not have extreme climatic conditions like Shimla or Manali. The winter months are by far the best time to visit Munnar since the weather is pleasant. The minimum temperature during this time of the year drops to ten degrees Celsius and is perfect for a vacation or a honeymoon. However, in the summer waterfalls start to dry up and wildlife sanctuaries get shut due to breeding season. Getting to this place at the right time of year ingresses you into the eye catching waterfalls, serene fresh water falls, mesmerising peaks, wildlife sanctuaries, and many other attractions of Munnar.


At times, finding a well furnished hotel in an unknown place becomes a task. However, in case of Munnar one can easily find a good number of hotels for a reasonable price but be prepared for Munnar is mainly divided into two parts – old Munnar and Munnar. While Old Munnar is where the Tourist Information office is, Munnar is where the bus station and most hotels, guest houses are located. In order to avoid any kind of inconvenience make sure you book your accommodation close to the main area of Munnar.


As you may know Kerala is every food-lovers paradise, and Munnar being Keralaʼs top tourist destination offers a wide set of yummy palette of food items, which are both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Everything from breakfast to dinner in Munnar includes a full range of lip smacking eats like sea food, meat, rice varieties, malabar cuisines, snacks and tribal cuisines. The predominant diet in Munnar is fish and rice cooked in coconut oil which is authentic Kerala style. You can taste coconut in almost everything you eat as most of the food is cooked in coconut oil. You can stop by at one of the local restaurants in Munnar and try the authentic cuisines of the town like Appam, Dosa, and meals on a banana leaf.

Traveling as a local

If you are the kind who likes to wander into the cloud- kissed hilly parts of Munnar then you might consider hiring a local guide. The forest area in this region is very dense and without a local guide you might easily get lost. The locals around this place mostly speak Malayalam and Tamil but around the tourist destinations many of them can speak Hindi and English too. Getting around the town area is certainly cheaper with Bus or Auto but if you feel a bit laid-back, then you could hire a chauffeur driven car for a reasonable fare. If you are travelling alone, you can rent a bike to travel within the city.

Places to visit

There are quite a few places in Munnar that find a top spot on the list. Starting with the scenic Mattupetty Lake and Dam, you can endlessly explore the majestic beauty of Munnar. Here is a list of top destinations in Munnar.

Shooting point – A favourite place near Munnar for the Film shooters. It has a nice view of the mountains at the back from the grassland. The grassland is of fresh green colour which makes it one of the most popular place for shooting.

Mattupetty Dam is located 13 km away from Munnar. Itʼs a Concrete Gravity Dam built to conserve water to generate Hydro-Electric power. It also acts as bridge for the road which takes us to the Top Station. The view is great from either sides of the dam. Boating is available in the Mattupetty lake. There are Speed boats and Pedal boats available here.

Echo point is the next destination from Mattupetty dam while travelling from Munnar to Top Station. It is a scenic location with an exotic view of the Mattupetty lake.

Kundala Dam is situated at 20 Km from Munnar town. It is an Arch Dam. Boating is available here. This place provides a great panoramic view of the hills and the lush greenery. It is around 13 km from Munnar.

The Flower garden is present on the way to Mattupetty from Munnar. The have a collection of Plants of Flowers and Spices.

The Indo Swiss Farm is located in Mattupetty. A group of high yielding cattle are being reared here. The area in a beautiful green grasslands with the view of surrounding mountains.